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Caribbean New Media Group Interviews All-female Drag Racing Team

Last weekend, Trinidadian Sports Writer, Naasira Mohammed, sat down for an in-depth interview with five members of the Antiguan drag racing team Lady Horsepower Farm (LHPF).The female drag racing team was founded in September 2013 by Renee Edwards-Ambrose with the help of Linisa George, who would go on to become the team’s manager. LHPF is the first, and presently only ALL-female drag racing team in the Caribbean. Renee races under the LHPF banner with her car The Black Widow, and is assisted by the team’s mechanic Jodi-ann Joseph. Later this year, Joseph will debut her race car that is presently being built in Antigua. Ambrose races regionally and holds the title of the 10 sec category winner on the St. James Raceway in Nevis, and is also the fastest female to ever race there. She is also the fastest female to race in Grenada and is the 2nd place holder of the 11 sec category.


Pictured from left to right: Jodi-ann Joseph, Devita Samuel, Nerissa Gordon, Linisa George and Renee Edwards-Ambrose.

LHPF presently has 9-members: Renee “Buttaz” Edwards-Ambrose from Antigua (Driver), Linisa George from Antigua (Manager), Sheroma “Brass.Angel” Hodge-Philip from the Virgin Islands (Image and Media Manager), Jodi-Ann Joseph from Antigua (Mechanic), Devita Samuel from Antigua (Senior Administrator), Nerissa Gordon from Antigua (Administrative Assistant), Camille Edwards, who reside in the US, and from Antigua Junella Michael and Mignonette Edwards; Renee’s mom who functions as the team’s Treasurer.

Lady Horsepower Farm is a division of Horsepower Farm, a Caribbean drag racing team which has branches in Tobago, St. Lucia, Antigua, Grenada and Nevis. As an organization, LHPF aims to give back to the community and is very passionate about youth development and women empowerment programs and initiatives.

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